“Botswana – Driving Sustainable Growth “

I think Botswana – it’s most prosperous country of continental Sub-Saharan Africa “Botswana – Driving Sustainable Growth ” video taken from http://www.asiabusinesschannel.tv Botswana’s economy is stable and well-managed with low rates of inflation. The country offers a stable workforce, good industrial relations and competitive labour costs. In addition, a good transport infrastructure and modern telecommunication system lend to the attractiveness of doing business in the country. Furthermore, the country enjoys a reputation as the least corrupt country in Africa with high transparency and a well-developed legal system.

Minerals, especially diamonds, have been the mainstay of the country’s economy since independence from the British in 1966. The country’s high rate of economic growth is due largely to this mining sector, which accounts for 90% of national foreign exchange earnings, and at nearly 40%, provides the single largest source of GDP as well as government revenues.

Despite continued challenges such as HIV/AIDS, small market size and landlocked location, Botswana, already one of Africa’s wealthiest nations with a thriving economy based on diamond mining and tourism, remains one of the best investment opportunities in the developing world.


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